Optics & BUIS

*Free Mounting & Bore Sighting on New Scope Purchases

Laser Sights  & Back up Iron Sights (BUIS)

Optics for Rifles and Pistols

We have optics for AR-15′s, pistols, and hunting rifles including:

  • Scopes including Red Dot & Green Dot Scopes: Leopold, Nikon, Redfield, BSA Optics and Truglo, etc.
  • EOtech Holographic Scopes
  • Lasers: Crimson Trace, etc.
  • Sights: BUS (Back Up Sights), etc. .
  • Grips

Nikon Monarch$50 off Leupold Scopes Nikon Monarch Scopes

Armed with 91 years of experience and a clean sheet of paper, our engineers created a flagship Nikon riflescope that shattered the limits of what a riflescope should be. Hunters lined up to get their hands on the new Nikon Monarch scope and experience this pioneering technology.

EOTech Sport/Hunting HWS


EOTech Sport/Hunting HWS

Not only will the L-3 EOTech Holographic Weapon Sight (HWS) give you incredible speed and accuracy gains in a tactical or military situation – you’ll get those same advantages when using the sight for hunting or sport shooting. Whether you use the incredibly wide field of view to walk your target into your line of sight, the 65MOA outer circle of the reticle to estimate range or account for the spread of shot, or use t

EOTech $80 Rebate

he night vision compatibility mode to get rid of those nocturnal varmints, the HWS will provide a distinct advantage for any level of hunter.

Due to the rigors of military and tactical abuse that our products are put through, today’s hunter gets to experience and enjoy the same ruggedness with the HWS on their rifle, shotgun, or pistol. Rain, snow, or mud is no match for the HWS. Whatever you can dish out, the HWS can take. Hunt with the certainty, reliability, speed, and accuracy of the L-3 EOTech line of Holographic Weapon Sights.



The sole purpose of our grip-based laser aiming devices is to help you shoot with even greater speed and accuracy. Particularly when it’s a matter of personal defense. Crimson Trace Lasergrips fuse the art of your shot with the science behind lasers, providing you with an immediate and decisive advantage that means bad news for your target.


*Tapping NOT included

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