Beretta Bobcat – The Perfect Pocket Gun

Beretta Bobcat .22 & .32 Tomcat – The Perfect Ladies Gun

Beretta Bobcat .32 Caliber - The Perfect Pocket Pistol Inox FinishAt Nesbit Guns,  Jeff Nesbit showed me a little Beretta 21 Bobcat .22 LR Matte Black with a break front loader,  for under $300, which might be the perfect concealed carry for the ladies. It  is smaller than the Bersa and would fit in a pant’s pocket without much problem. It also has a safety. The advantage of the break front semi-automatic pistol is that there is no slide action. Our lady friends, who find a slide on a pistol difficult, can breach load this pistol with no problems.   It would also be a handy pocket gun for any guy who wants less bulk but immediate access to a concealed carry weapon. At a little under 2.5 inches of barrel length, it is smaller than many smart phones.

Dick Nesbit informed me that the .22 caliber high-velocity long cartridge may even be more dangerous and better for protection that the .32.  “I’ve seen a .32 bounce off a heavy leather jacket, while a .22 long will go right through.”

We had a little trouble with the ease of the safety switch on the initial batch of Bobcats, and Jeff had to send them back, but the next round, especially the Inox finish (stainless look pictured here) was the smoothest of them all. It is a little more expensive, but may be worth it for those who like that smart look. Beretta Bobcat 21 - .22 long  Matte Black


ModelCaliberMagazine CapacityActionTotal Length (mm/inch)Barrel Length (mm/inch)Total Thickness (mm/inch)Total Height (mm/inch)Sight Radius (mm/inch)Weight Unloaded (gr/oz)
3032 Tomcat Inox7.657Single/Double125/4.961/2.428/1.195/3.784/3.3410/14.5 
ModelCaliberMagazine CapacityActionTotal Length (mm/inch)Barrel Length (mm/inch)Total Thickness (mm/inch)Total Height (mm/inch)Sight Radius (mm/inch)Weight Unloaded (gr/oz)
21 A Bobcat6.358Single/Double125/4.961/2.428/1.194/3.788/3.5325/11.5
21 A Bobcat22LR7Single/Double125/4.961/2.428/1.194/3.788/3.5335/11.8
21 Bobcat Inox22LR7Singola/Doppia125/4.961/2.428/1.194/3.788/3.5335/11.8
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