Store Policies

No Charge for Background Checks on Purchases of New or Used Firearms

Did you know that we don’t charge for background checks on purchases of new or used guns? Other dealers do charge you, but you will not see those charges quoted in their prices!

The current fee for processing background checks with the State of Pennsylvania is $25. We do not charge you for the check.

Hand Gun Sales are Limited

By Pennsylvania Law, handgun sales (pistols and revolvers) are limited to residents of PA for direct sales. If you find a gun you wish to purchase here, we can ship out of state to an authorized FFL dealer.  We can sell rifles and shotguns to you out of state, but you must come to pick up your rifle here. Or we can ship it to an FFL dealer.  We can buy your rifle, shot gun or pistol from any state.  So if you are interested in a quote, please let us know. Use our Contact Form.

Transfer Fees – Sell Your Handgun or Firearm to a Friend, Safely and Legally.

PA Used Guns will allow you to do a legal transfer of your revolver or pistol.  Pennsylvania requires a background check on all handgun sales.  We will charge you or the buyer the PA fees for the transfer and background check of the person who wishes to buy the firearm. Please note, that in order to transfer the firearm legally, we must receive it into our logs and run the background check. If the person fails the background check, we will still charge the buyer the $25 PA fee. Unfortunately, PA law requires that if we cannot transfer the firearm because the buyer fails the background check, we are REQUIRED by PA law to run a check on the seller before we can return the firearm to the seller, since the firearm is legally in our possession. That means that there is an additional $25 fee for all failed sales. We do not like it, but there is nothing we can do about this law.  We suggest that you verify with the buyer beforehand that there are no impediments to his or her legally purchasing a firearm.  If you have any concerns about this matter, we would be happy to discuss them with you before we enter the transfer process.

Colt Legendary Revolvers

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