Yankee Hill Suppressors

YHM, in cooperation with Sound Technology, is proud to bring you the YHM family of Sound Suppressors. Our fast attach design allows you to quickly mount the Sound Suppressor without use of tools. Our Phantom Flash Hider system holds the sound suppressor firmly in place and allows the sound suppressor to be removed by hand when no longer needed. A gas seal keeps the threads clean so the suppressor will not bind, making removal a breeze.

Yankee Hill Machine co, Suppressors for pistols, SMG, Rifles, Rimfires

Rifle Sound Suppressors:

Sound Suppressor models for centerfire rifle cartridges from .223 up to .30 caliber.

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Pistol Sound Suppressors:

Sound Suppressors for pistol caliber weapons from 9mm up to .45 Caliber.

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Submachinegun Sound Suppressors:

Sound Suppressors for SMG’s.

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Rimfire Sound Suppressors:

Sound Suppressors for rimfire cartridges.

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Accessories & Mounts:

Everything from Q.D. mounts, thread adapters, heat resistant carrying cases and more for our sound suppressors.



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