Sig Sauer® Silencers

Nesbit Guns is a Class 3 Firearms Dealer. We are able to Sell Silencers!

The mass movement toward silencer ownership is well under way. SIG SAUER is proud to help make this common-sense technology accessible to even more shooters and hunters.

Website Update: Get the backstory on the origin of silencers and how they will transform your shooting experience.
New Video: SIG Silencers, Episode 3: The Movement
How to Purchase a Silencer: They’re legal in 41 states and counting. Learn how to purchase one right now.

SIG MCX: Silenced 300 BLK!

THE SIG MCX is engineered for 300BLK and built from the ground up to be silenced, light and short. This first of three episodes takes you behind the scenes to see the work that SIG SAUER designers and engineers have put into this rifle to make it the most innovative weapon system ever built.

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