Springfield Armory

The Springfield XDM®The Springfield XDM features

Design: Moving beyond comfort and fit, Springfield Armory® explores new territory in tactile response.

With the introduction of The (M) Factor™, Springfield’s reputation in ergonomics, intuitive operation, and handling is taken to a whole new level.

(M)odel Contour Frame: The ideal grip angle of the XD® has been carried over to the XD(M)™, but slightly modified contours in the grip will leave you wondering whether you’re gripping the gun or it’s gripping you.

(M)ajor Grasp Slide Serrations: Deeper, longer, and more slide serrations equals a better more penetrating grasp.

New! 3.8 model with slip resistent slide serrations

(M)ega-Lock Texture: The “all-terrain” look of the new XD(M)™ isn’t about cosmetics, it’s about function. 
The angle and depth of each contour in the grip has been calculated for maximized control vertically, horizontally and torsionally.

XDM 4.5 inch Springfield in various calibers

Each Springfield XDM comes with its own case and extra magazines:

XDM Free Accessories: case, mags, mag holders, holster, lock

The Springfield 1911’s, M1A™  and SOCOM Rifles

Springfield 1911s pistols and M1A rifles SOCOM

Long-Range Tactical

The M25 White Feather™ Is A Tribute To The Late Marine Gunnery Sgt. Carlos N. Hathcock. Hathcock Is Widely Known As The Most Effective Sniper During The Vietnam Conflict. The M25 Has All The Same Features As Our Super Match M1A™, Plus: A Pillar-Bedded Rear-Lugged Receiver, Low-Profile Custom Muzzle Brake/ Stabilizer, Adjustable Mcmillan Stock, Proprietary Match Trigger Group And Scope Mount.

Compact Pistols

Making The Decision Between Concealability And Handling Is An Age Old Problem For Many Firearm Enthusiasts. Sacrificing One Thing To Achieve Another. Springfield Armory® Eliminated Making This Decision Tough. We Manufacture Several Types Of Concealable Pistols And Accessories Without Compromising Reliability. Making Us The First Choice To Provide You With A Firearm You Can Proudly Carry With Confidence.


All Springfield Armory®Pistols Are Shipped In An 11-Gear™ Package. The Package Includes An 11-Gear™ Belt Holster, And Double Magazine Pouch. Based On The Original 1911-A1 Model, Our Full-Size Pistols Are Built On A Full-Size Forged Frame With 5” Barrel. Whether You Prefer A Mil Spec Or One Of Our Tactical Response Pistols, You Will Not Be Disappointed In The Outstanding Performance Of Our Full-Size Line Up.


The Springfield Armory® M1A™ Is The World Standard, Based On The Legendary M14. Accurate, Reliable And Durable. It’s A Dominant Force At Home And Abroad, Whether Fired In Competitive Shooting Or In Active Duty By Elite Military And Police Units. From Close Quarters Battle Rifles Like The Socom Ii To The Long Range Tack Drivers Like The M25 White Feather™, No Other Rifle Boasts The Versatility Of The M1A™ … Any Mission, Any Conditions, Any Foe At Any Range.


SOCOM Rifles Are Compact, Powerful, Close-Quarter Battle Rifles, And Can Still Make That Crucial Shot At A Distance. They Feature 16” Barrels Made Possible By A Re-Tuned Gas System. A Proprietary, High-Efficiency Muzzle Brake Virtually Eliminates Muzzle Rise, Enabling You To Stay On Target For Faster, More Accurate Follow-Up Shots.


Much Like The SOCOM 16, The SOCOM II Comes With A Cluster Rail System That Further Enhances Its Versatility. The Lightweight Cluster Rail Is Designed To Accommodate Virtually Any Accessory Designed To Fit A Standard Picatinny Rail. Whether You Choose The Standard Cluster Rail System Or The Extended Rail System, This Rifle Is Truly Ready For Anything.