Customize Your Nighthawk Agent 2


Take the Agent 2 model to the next level with customizations. There are several ways to customize the Agent 2 model to make it as unique as you are. Choosing the finish, adding our Interchangeable Optic System, or adding a threaded barrel are just a few of the ways you can customize an Agent 2.


The finish of your pistol is one of the easiest ways to set your pistol apart from the rest. The Agent 2 can be finished in nitride, smoked nitride, Cerakote, DLC, color case-hardened, or stainless. Choose the finish that suits your needs.

ADD AN IOS ( Interchangeable Optics System )

Everything you want in an optic solution. The IOS is adaptable to your needs and allows for a low profile RMR mount with the versatility to switch rear sight in a matter of seconds. With the dovetail cut in the slide each plate can be removed and still return to zero, allowing for quick and easy switching of rear sight without sacrificing aesthetic or function.


Adding a threaded barrel is a great way to customize your Agent 2. With a threaded barrel, your pistol will be ready for use with a suppressor. Adding a suppressor will not only change up the look of your Agent 2, but it will also reduce recoil when firing down range.
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