New Smith and Wesson arms For 2017

The Performance Center by Smith & Wesson announced today a number of products for the 2017 lineup.  Always fine-tuned for precision, the 2017 Performance Center firearms are the ultimate expression of old-world craftsmanship blended with modern technology. | MORE INFO.
New Performance Center M&P® Rifles

No round is hotter right now than the 6.5 Creedmoor and when we let the artists from the Performance Center loose, they created the ultimate version – the M&P10 6.5 Creedmoor. With a precision, two-stage match trigger, and a 15-inch free-float Troy® Alpha Rail® with M-LOK® handguard, Magpul® buttstock and pistol grip.  The threaded 20-inch barrel sends rounds down range with unbelievable accuracy. This rifle is a long-range shooter’s dream.

Three-gun shooters are always looking for the competitive edge, and the M&P15 Competition rifle is it. It features a Performance Center muzzle brake, a two-stage match trigger, a 15-inch free-float Troy Alpha Rail with M-LOK handguard with a 2-inch aluminum M-LOK accessory rail, a VLTOR® I-Mod stock, and 5R rifling with a 1 in 8-inch right twist. When you’re going for the win, this rifle isn’t an option – it’s a necessity. | MORE INFO.

New Performance Center M&P® Pistols
The Performance Center M&P45 SHIELD™ pistol takes the amazing firearm and adds factory ported barrels and slides. The M&P9 and M&P40 with HI-VIZ Sights comes with ported slides and barrels, the Performance Center sear and adjustable trigger stop.  Available in the standard M&P9 and M&P40 with 4.25-inch barrels and in the M&P9L and M&P40L with 5-inch barrels. | MORE INFO.
New Performance Center Conceal Carry Revolvers

Performance Center 38 S&W Special +P compact revolvers come in some exciting new versions. The Model 642 has a Performance Center-tuned action and has a 1.88-inch barrel.   The Model 637 38 S&W Special +P has an external hammer.  It has a performance Center-tuned action, and the  matte finish blends well with the custom textured wood grips, making it a collectible and functional firearm. | MORE INFO.

New Performance Center Hunting Revolvers

Big-bore fans will like what’s new in the Performance Center Handgun Hunting category.  The new 460VXR now has an option with a 7.5-inch barrel with muzzlebreak. It holds five rounds of mighty 460 S&W Magnum and has a Performance Center-tuned action, chrome trigger and custom tear drop hammer. It has an integral scope base and a HI-VIZ® green fiber optic front sight. A gun rug and carry sling come with it, making it a great option for the handgun hunting enthusiast.

The S&W500™ comes in a 3.5-inch barrel, Performance Center-tuned option that would make any grizzly back down. It has an unfluted cylinder with a chrome trigger over travel stop, custom teardrop hammer and a HI VIZ fiber optic front sight. This 500 S&W Magnum monster stopper comes with a gun rug and a ton of attitude. | MORE INFO.

Performance Center Mid Frame Revolvers

The new Model 586 comes in 357 Magnum/38 S&W Special +P.  It has a three-inch, ported barrel and Tritium front night. This handy revolver comes tuned by the Performance Center experts and has a PC trigger with trigger stop and a teardrop hammer.

Consumers looking for a carry gun will be interested in compact 9mm revolvers like the Model 986.   Built around a CNC machined titanium cylinder, the legendary Performance Center-tuned action and 2.5-inch barrel. It holds seven rounds and includes moon clips. It has a custom barrel with a recessed precision crown. The chromed custom teardrop hammer, trigger and trigger stop add style and function, making this a great option for the Smith & Wesson consumer looking for a high-end custom feel but without the custom price. | MORE INFO.


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