Uvalde Tragedy

As I write here from Texas, we are extremely saddened by the murder of children by a deranged individual. It is also sickening that politicians immediately jump on to use this tragedy to further a anti-second amendment agenda. We live within a few miles of Uvalde, and Uvalde is nearer to the border than we are. This doesn’t seem to be a crime related to the border crisis or to foreign terrorism. It is a reflection on our culture of death none the less. My first thought upon grieving this incalculable loss of children and their distraught families is that God too is grieved. And that this is just part of His grief over the thousands of children killed every day in the womb. He grieves for them like we grieve for the young children of Uvalde. Only we don’t grieve as a nation for those slain in the womb.

My first question is: where was the security? Our schools are nearly required to have safety precautions on who can enter a building. They either have a security pass through or a security guard… unless the school district chose not to do so. In Texas, our teachers can also be armed and carry, if they are trained and permitted by their districts. Unfortunately, we may have to become like Israel, where everyone, including teachers, have mandatory training and must be armed because of the constant threat of terrorism.

The cry to end firearms ownership also sounds very hollow here in Texas where our borders are being overrun with cartel members, drug dealers, child sex traffickers, and gang members. These groups are not going to give up their guns. If the government cannot control illegal immigration, drug smuggling, cartels, gangs and sex trafficking, what makes you think they could control guns and guns smuggling? The only people left without guns will be the citizens, who will not be able to defend themselves.

Having every citizen armed and trained may not have stopped the tragedy in Uvalde or prevent tragedies elsewhere, but there is evidence that where citizens are armed, the carnage is and can be stopped before it becomes a mass shooting event.

NRA Endowment

We will continue to uphold your right to bear arms, as the only defense against lawlessness and terrorism is a well armed citizenry.

Pray for the victims and their families.

Thus saith the LORD; A voice was heard in Ramah, lamentation, and bitter weeping; Rachel weeping for her children and refusing to be comforted because they were no more – Jeremiah 31:15

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